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Firuse's Colored Clay Workshop

Colored Clay Workshops in 2007

  • Background
    • Colored clay techniques have been in use for thousands of years but have been largely ignored in the evolution of Western ceramics. It is only recently that colored clays have become a part of the ceramics mainstream. Colored clays and slips offer richness and depth of color distinctly different from the glazed surfaces commonly seen in contemporary ceramics. Clay-murini (the patterned-loaf) construction provides a multitude of pattern effects available through no other ceramic technique.
  • Workshop Description
    • This workshop permits both beginning and experienced clay-workers to develop their abilities in a wide range of colored clay techniques. We will demonstrate the making and mixing of colored clays including marbleized colored clays, the design and construction of patterned colored clay slabs, marquetry and the use of colored clays in pinch, slab, and thrown forms. The appeal of colored-clay techniques is that they offer a very effective method to produce pieces with a minimum of studio facilities and equipment. Although a slab-roller and a potter's wheel are available you will be instructed on methods which use nothing more than work tables and an electric kiln.

Instructor: Firuse Stalcup
  • Colored Clay Workshop in October 27 and 30, 2007
    9 AM- 4 PM
  • Colored Clay Workshop in November 2 and 3, 2007
    9 AM- 4 PM
  • Colored Clay Workshop in December 8 and 11, 2007
    9 AM- 4 PM
This will be a great opportunity to experiment with colored clay and slips. You will have tons of fun --with lots of one on one time with instructors in a very relaxing atmosphere. Our studio provides the comfort and energy you'll need to get those creative juices flowing! You can explore creative ways to incorporate functional and decorative pottery into your life by building Tiles, Home Accents or Dishes. And if you're having trouble thinking about what to make, we'll help you there too! We welcome everyone --novice & expert.

* Course fee includes materials.
Firing and glazing costs are on us.

Contact Firuse directly for more information:
Phone: 928.284.3399
The view from my studio
* The workshop is $50 which includes firing and glazing and all materials.

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